Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

Good evening everyone , As most have now heard there have been a  few  confirmed cases of  AVIAN INFLUENZA about 80 miles from our loft  in the Woodstock area of Ontario on some Turkey farms and there are at least 8 farms in the area that are now under quarantine and 12,000 turkeys will be put down   . Although it has not been proven that pigeons carry the virus there is a POSSIBILITY  and RISK that there may be a NO FLY ZONE put on pigeons in Ontario  by the CANADIAN FOOD INSPECTION AGENCY . THIS WOULD MEAN NO LOFT FLYING , NO TRAINING AND NO RACING of pigeons for everyone . This can also affect the movement and shipping of birds across the border from the USA. Right now there are too many unknown possibilities on  how this can affect our race . After much thought and weighing in the risks involved , we have decided that it would not be fair for fanciers to ship their birds here and risk the chance of  losing their perch fees , if the Government or the MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE decides to put our flocks on LOCK DOWN .  So in the best interest of the participants we have decided to CANCEL the 2015 CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL ONE LOFT RACE . This way we can guarantee everyone that No one loses their money and this still gives everyone time to decide what to do with their own birds . This year we were fortunate that we had a later entry date set and we have had no birds entered into the loft yet.  We hope for the best for everyone and there are still many outstanding One Loft races  in the USA that you can ship birds too . Some of the races that we highly recommend and respect and are great choices is the FLAMINGO INTERNATIONAL CHALLENGE down in Florida .   , THE AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL CHALLENGE down in Carolina , The HOOSIER CLASSIC  in Indiana . Also the COAST TO COAST.COM is a  FANTASTIC MULTI- LOFT RACE with lofts   in New Jersey and New York  with super pay out and you can contact Fred Breezy at 609-351-7897 . I know these are fantastic pigeon fanciers who  run these races and they are of the highest integrity ! Last but not least our Canadian friend  Big Andy is running his first year the BIG ANDYS INTERNATIONAL CHALLENGE down in Florida .We wish everyone the best of luck and want to thank all of you who have been participants of our race.

- Tony Alves

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

Happy Easter everyone , Finally spring has arrived in this part of the country after a brutally cold and freezing  winter . We will only start accepting birds on May 16th and it was probably a good change as most have their youngsters from there 1st round just starting to hatch as many fanciers mated later this year because of the cold   . We look forward to another competitive year  as we prepare for our 6th year !  Please try to send your birds in at about 5 to 6 weeks of age and have them eating and drinking well on their own , this avoids extra stress on the youngsters when they are weaned and moved to a new loft . This year we also changed the pay structure and all prize money will be paid out for the 300 mile  main race , We thought this makes more sense since fanciers are breeding birds for 300 to 400 mile competitions and at the shorter races birds arrive in large groups and not all birds from the first drops end up winning prizes and most importantly most top pigeons that score at the longer races of 300 to 400 mile do not show at the shorter races which we believe is more like training tosses , . Then when the final 300 mile race is completed we will have a series of 3 races  from 325, 350 and 375 miles . There is a one time fee of  $125  for every bird you would like to activate into this 3 race series after the main 300 mile race  . The points from every bird  over the 3 weeks will be added and the birds with the highest amount of total points  will be the prize winners . We believe in this the only  way  the true aces are proven and awarded prizes and this will be a true indication of the best birds , because a bird can not just get lucky on one occasion , it must show early every week . It should be very interesting and a most accurate way of finding out who bred the best birds . Although we have had  some very tough years , and some years the losses   were high , we will continue to train intensively  and we  will show again  like every year that our returns from the final 300 mile races  has the BEST  percentage of birds shipped,  compare that number  .    Every year  proves that we do have the birds in perfect condition  . It is nice to have a high number make the final race and this can be easily done if the birds are not trained like they should be . BUT  we are not fooling anyone . we train and we will continue to  train  were we say we do . Again this year we look forward to those who put trust in us and are confident in our ability to condition and prepare their birds to complete the final race . We will keep you updated

- Tony Alves

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Good evening every one , The Winter temperature has now hit 32 below Zero last night  with a wind shield of 41 below zero . Certainly not the best weather for early breeding . Many have planned to mate their birds on this weekend , but it is probably best to wait 2 more weeks into the beginning  of March . That would put the youngsters at about  6 weeks of age when we start to accept birds . If you have not reserved a team or more , please do so by signing up on line or just send us an email or call us (905 478 1511) and we will sign you up . Please remember that if you are shipping from the USA , that there is only one shipping date and you must send your birds to Dale Zehr on Monday May 11th .

Dale Zehr
10632 Jackson Lane
Carthage, NY

 If you are shipping from across Canada by air then you must ship your birds on Monday May 18th to Toronto International Airport via Air Canada or West Jet . If you are delivering you birds in person then you can deliver from Saturday May 16th to May 25th at the loft .

Tony Alves
20792 2nd Concession
East Gwillimbury, ON
L9N 0H6

Tuesday January 13th, 2015

Welcome back everyone to the 2015 CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL ONE LOFT RACE . This year we have again made a few changes . First big Change is that we will only take in birds from Saturday  MAY 16 to Monday May 25th  so that will be only 10 days of receiving birds at  the loft . All birds being shipped by air must be sent to us on Monday May 18th.  All American birds must be ship to Dale Zehr  in NY on Monday May 11th . We prefer that birds are shipped in at least 35 Days of age or older as in this way birds are eating and drinking well . Another change is that we will be accepting birds in teams of 5 birds for $1,000 dollars completely activated . Also new will be that checks for prizes won  will be paid on the spot , right on race day !!  Please note that ALL PRIZE MONEY will be paid out in 2015 and NO  prize money will be held over for 2016.   Another exciting race series will be offered after the 300 mile race , This new race series will be held in September and consist of 3 races  from 325 , 350 and 375 miles . You can activated birds after the 300 mile race at the cost of $125 dollars per bird and this is a one time fee , This will entitle your bird or birds to fly all 3 races , The prizes will be paid by the highest total point birds combined from all 3 races . This we believe is the truest way of awarding a bird as it really takes a great bird to fly early prizes consistently over longer races , these we believe are the true aces  and that is how we came up for the name of this series as the CANADIAN TRUE DISTANCE ACE CHALLENGE  !! WE BELIEVE THIS WILL BRING ABOUT GREAT BRAGGING RIGHTS FOR THE TOP BREEDERS OF THESE TOP BIRDS IN THE END  OF THE SERIES . No one can call these type of winners week after week , a crap shoot winner ! These are true aces and will be highly respected birds !

- Tony Alves

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