Tuesday January 13th, 2015

Welcome back everyone to the 2015 CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL ONE LOFT RACE . This year we have again made a few changes . First big Change is that we will only take in birds from Saturday  MAY 16 to Monday May 25th  so that will be only 10 days of receiving birds at  the loft . All birds being shipped by air must be sent to us on Monday May 18th.  All American birds must be ship to Dale Zehr  in NY on Monday May 11th . We prefer that birds are shipped in at least 35 Days of age or older as in this way birds are eating and drinking well . Another change is that we will be accepting birds in teams of 5 birds for $1,000 dollars completely activated . Also new will be that checks for prizes won  will be paid on the spot , right on race day !!  Please note that ALL PRIZE MONEY will be paid out in 2015 and NO  prize money will be held over for 2016.   Another exciting race series will be offered after the 300 mile race , This new race series will be held in September and consist of 3 races  from 325 , 350 and 375 miles . You can activated birds after the 300 mile race at the cost of $125 dollars per bird and this is a one time fee , This will entitle your bird or birds to fly all 3 races , The prizes will be paid by the highest total point birds combined from all 3 races . This we believe is the truest way of awarding a bird as it really takes a great bird to fly early prizes consistently over longer races , these we believe are the true aces  and that is how we came up for the name of this series as the CANADIAN TRUE DISTANCE ACE CHALLENGE  !! WE BELIEVE THIS WILL BRING ABOUT GREAT BRAGGING RIGHTS FOR THE TOP BREEDERS OF THESE TOP BIRDS IN THE END  OF THE SERIES . No one can call these type of winners week after week , a crap shoot winner ! These are true aces and will be highly respected birds !

- Tony Alves

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